Are Old Decorations Just Old?

There was a time in my life when asked if I wanted something “old” that my parents had, I wondered why on earth they would even ask if I wanted it.  Of course I didn’t want that old thing.  Now, my most cherish possessions are things I remember at Christmas as a little girl (and I’m 62 years young).

Every year I fill this glass bowl with plain ornaments, just like my Mom did.  The bowl was given to my parents as a thank you gift because they loaned my brother’s crib to a friend.  My brother is 67 so that gives you an idea just how old it is.

Christmas Bowl

The bowl is sitting on a tablecloth that belonged to my Great Grandma Hanshew.  I use it for decoration but when it’s time to put food on the table I take it off.

This blue plate

German Plate

hung on the wall every Christmas.  My Dad brough it back from Germany after WWII.  I wish I knew what it is made of.  It sort of feels like metal.  He also brought back this pair that hung on our Christmas tree every year.

German Ornaments

Now they are in an antique box with an old wallpaper backing.  The chickens are from the “garden” Mom put under the tree each year.  These ornaments that are on my Christmas tree today were on my tree when I was little.





I am so grateful my parents kept them.  I get them out, hang them on the tree and smile.  These aren’t old decorations, there’re priceless treasures.

Thanks for visiting with me today.



One thought on “Are Old Decorations Just Old?

  1. I loved looking at your treasured pieces and reading about your Christmas memories. I don’t have much left that belonged to my parents, but did help me remember very warm Christmases of home. Have a very blessed day!

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