Grandson’s Hockey Quilt & WIP

My Grandson, Alex, has played in-line hockey for a number of years now.  So I made a hockey quilt out of his jerseys and one sweatshirt.  It really was quite easy.  The interfacing I used stabilized the jerseys but kept them soft.  The cornerstones were a part of the sleeves.  The North Carolina NHL team is the Hurricanes so I picked the pantograph “Hurricane.”  So save those t-shirts and jerseys.  Your kids/grandkids will love a quilt made out of them. 

That white streak is just a ray of sunshine.  Something we haven’t seen much of lately.




This is another Christmas present.  Only it is for my son, Brian, and it was for LAST CHRISTMAS!  I gave him the completed top with a promise to get it quilted.  I can’t believe it is a year later and I am just finishing it.  Next post I’ll show the quilting.


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