My Pink and Green Granddaughter

Yes, I have a pink and green granddaughter.  Nails that is.  Her Grandpa and I gave her a manicure and pedicure for Christmas.  So last week off we went to some “girl” time.  Have you ever sat with your feet in swirling warm water and had your feet and legs massaged?  Oh, it’s wonderful.  And the chair is one of the things that kneads your back.  But don’t think you’re going to drop off to sleep if you are the least bit ticklish.  At times, I have to work at controlling myself so I don’t jerk by foot away to end the torture!  We had a good time.  She is such a delight to spend time with, always well behaved and polite. 


Look at that happy face.  Pink and green are happy colors, don’t you think?  They’re appropriate for my happy Granddaughter, Amber.

I’m grateful for Amber.  Thanks for visiting me.


One thought on “My Pink and Green Granddaughter

  1. Thanks Grandma, I had a really great time with you when we got our nails done. That was my first manicure and pedicure. I felt very special. I have told all my friends about our special time together. Can we do it again next year for Christmas? HaHaHa

    I love you and Grandpa,


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