You’ve Got Heart Mail

A good friend, Fern, fellow quilter, Sandhills Quilters Guild member and all around great lady has sent this pretty heart block she made and yards of fabric to contribute to the Guild’s Quilts of Love.  Guild members make heart blocks, get together to assemble them into a quilt, quilt them and then they are delivered to a member who is dealing with illness or sorrow.  What is extraordinary about Fern’s contribution is that she recently moved to South Korea.  So this block and fabric have come a long way.  We can feel the love.


Thank you so much Fern.  You can find Fern at

Today I’m grateful for Fern, her generosity, and her love of her fellow quilters.

Thanks for visiting.



One thought on “You’ve Got Heart Mail

  1. Linda,
    Thanks for the kind words. I never expected any public acknowlegdement. I am just happy to have a way to participate in the quilt guild. Thanks for all the quilts you have organized. Your quilting is fantastic.

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