A Beautiful Day

I know.  If I wasn’t blessed to work at home, I wouldn’t think that a day like this was beautiful.  But it is.

max-snow-day-0109My two guys went out.  DH to feed the millions of birds.max-snow-0109-6Max went out to play.

max-snow-0109-3max-snow-0109-41He wanted to play ball, but since his outside ball is hidden under all this snow, no ball playing today.

max-snow-0109No Max.  Daddy can’t play ball today.  Come in the house.


I spent the day working on a customer quilt.  I’m doing a medium McTavishing around applique.  Barbara always has a knack for putting such pretty colors in her applique.  barbaras-wipI also worked on a small clutch purse for me.  I’m doing a trial run on a pattern my step-daughter may want me to make for her bridesmaids.  More on that later.   

I hope you had a beautiful day today.  Thanks for visiting.



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