Customer’s Contemporary Quilt

I’m pretty old fashion.  I like pearls and lace, saying “sir” and “madam”, baking bread, pouring tea from a teapot into a pretty tea cup.  But every once in awhile, something modern, contemporary in look and feel gets my attention.  This quilt is  one of those things.  As usual, click on the image to enlarge.

marilyn-ring-around1Didn’t have good lighting this afternoon so the quilting doesn’t show.

marilyn-ring-around2I used a panto called Simplicity with a light grey thread.  It worked beautifully.  I’ve place this pattern in my “someday I’d like to make one of these”  folder.  I really love Marilyn’s quilt.

The other project this week is making a wedding veil for my step-daughter.  I’m trying to replicate this very expensive one in a bridal salon.

print-2This is a first for me and I’m very nervous about doing this.  So far there really hasn’t been anything difficult about it.  Of course I don’t have the exact lace and I scared of doing something wrong, but, cross my fingers, so far it going along fine.  I’m moving at a snail’s pace, so I can avoid any problems.  Perhaps I’ll have a picture for a post tomorrow.

The next project after the veil is a lovely Dresden Plate quilt that will get a custom treatment.  I’m looking forward to quilting some feathers.

Thanks for visiting with me.


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