A Warrior’s Quilt That Spans Time

I had the privilege of quilting a special Quilt of Valor made by a military wife, Rachel.  Her husband, Kristopher, is currently serving his country in an airborne division.  Recently his Grandfather, Kenneth who served in WWII, passed away.  This military couple has also lost a son to this war.  Rachel made this quilt to remember and honor Kristopher’s Grandfather and it will be given to a wounded soldier.  Rachel works tirelessly to coordinate the completion and delivery of quilts so that our men in uniform will know that we respect and care about them and are grateful for their sacrifice.

The blue log cabin star design is symbolic of the blue star that, since 1917,  has been hung in the window of  homes whenever an immediate family member is deployed.  If the family member/soldier dies on deployment it becomes a gold star.   The fabric is Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Crossings, named after rivers crossed in the Civil War.  The collection Butternut and Blues was chosen because the western parts of the Confederacy used homemade dyes.  Their uniforms came out the butternut colors not the familiar grey.  Thank you to Rachel for providing all the historical information relative to her quilt.

Enjoy her work.  You can click on the picture to enlarge.






Star Points




I am grateful for women like Rachel who stand beside men like Kristopher.

Thanks for reading this story and join in to help our soldiers any way you can.


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