82 Quilts of Valor for the 82nd Airborne

Quilts of Valor are quilts that are for the war wounded and injured servicemembers and veterans from the War on Terror.  They are made with the intent to honor and thank these men and women for their service to our country and to us, their fellow Americans.  In the past year, I worked with my Guild to make some quilts and even my husband, a non-quilter, made 2 quilts.  We have a new  “point of contact” named Rachel.  She is the one we call to let her know that we have quilts to be distributed right here at home.  

Rachel has started a campaign to get 82 Quilts of Valor for the 82nd Airborne stationed here at Ft Bragg by May 14th which is just before All American Week (May 18th). But these QOV’s will make historyThey will be the first QOV’s to be jumped in by paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne.  Your quilt will receive an additional commemorative label, including the jump date and location, and signed by a paratrooper.  These quilts will then be awarded through the 82nd Wounded Warrior Program at Ft Bragg, Walter Reed, and Brooke Army Medical Center.

The first quilt has already been jumped in (this one by the Black Daggers) and awarded to a fine young man.  The story of the quilt is in my post “A Warrior’s Quilt That Spans Time.”

justinrachelkrisThat’s Rachel on the right and her husband on the left.

If you are interested in donating a quilt, there is specific info regarding quilt size, fabric, washing, labels, etc. at www.qovf.org.  Then e-mail Rachel at woundedsoldierquilts@yahoo.com or leave a comment with your e-mail address and I’ll contact  you.

If you can’t do a quilt but would be interested in making a block, go to http://www.persimmonquilts.com/AutographStar.html  The Autograph Star block  is a really nice block and the instructions include an easy and innovative way to make the flying geese unit.  Then leave me a comment and I’ll contact you regarding mailing your block.

Any help we can get would be greatly appreciated as this is a huge undertaking.

The pictures below are a QOV that my husband made-his 2nd one.  Since I am busy longarming QOV’s he got impatient that I wasn’t making one.  So he asked me to teach him to sew.  This man who is much more comfortable in the garage sawing wood or building a deck, learned to use my sewing machine and sew a 1/4 inch seam.  This quilt has already been delivered to a soldier at Brooke Army Medical Center.

Click on picture to see larger image.




Thank you for your help.



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