82 For The 82nd Airborne

Oops.  I should have said 164!!!!  Can you belive it.  Today there was a viewing of the quilts that had been received and there were 164, exactly double the goal.  There’s also more on their way.  What a wonderful response from all over the country.  Some came from quilters who had fathers who had been in the 82nd, or brothers, or grandfathers.  Some came from wives and moms with husbands and sons serving now and some in Iraq or Afganistan.  Then some were made by the spouses group on base and some came from the national Quilt of Valor organization.  Members of the Sandhills Quilters Guild and quilters in our community donated quilts.  The list of where they came from is long.  But more importantly is what they come with:  respect, honor, gratitude, thankfulness, well-wishes, love and prayers.

The viewing was at the Officer’s Club on Fort Bragg, in the pub.  Originally the ballroom was available but last minute it was moved to the pub.  The quilts were so creatively displayed.  It was great to see all of them together.

The woman behind all of this is Rachel.  My husband said she should be running GM because this is a woman who can get things done.  She has a heart of gold and doesn’t mind sharing it.  Here’s a picture of Rachel (on the left) and I at the viewing.


And here’s the quilts.








My husband holding the quilt he pieced and quilted.













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6 thoughts on “82 For The 82nd Airborne

  1. Linda-

    Thanks for taking all the photos and posting them. Wish I could have been there. I am sure it was quite a site.


  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I was actually able to find the quilt I donated and it makes my heart fill to overflowing to see it among all the other beautiful quilts.
    I wish I could have been there.
    Anna in IL

  3. Could I have your permission to put a copy of the first picture of the quilts with my pictures on Webshots? I will be sure to include your information with the picture.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Anna in IL

  4. Just checking to see if you have heard whether they are doing this again this year? I would like to try and send another quilt, if I have enough notice.
    Anna in IL

    • Anna, They still have plenty of quilts (which is a good thing). I also just noticed that you had asked to use a picture a year ago. Hope I answered somewhere else because of course, any publicity for Quilts of Valor is also a good thing.

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