The Race of the Year

Yes, that’s right.  This was undoubtedly the race of the year.  That is for this Grandma and Grandpa, my son and his wife and a little 3 yr old named Ethan.  Ethan participated in a race for 3 yr olds at Springfest.  Here’s a photo account of this exciting race.

Pre-race jitters



My daughter-in-law was 2 days out from knee surgery but she wouldn’t have missed this event for anything.

The start.  I see Dad is yelling for him to GO!








I won!


I wish I had pictures of the other recent exciting event.  My Grandson, Alex, played in a concert with the Moore County Band.  He is one of only 6 talented young people who play in this adult band.  The concert was great and we are so proud of him.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.


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