Fourth of July Celebration

This holiday is a favorite of mine.  My country is one of the things for which I am very grateful.  As usual, DH put out 10 small flags at the street in addition to the larger flag that flies in the front yard all the time.  We also have a large flagpole in the backyard with the flag flying.  I decorated a 4th of July cake and DH helped.  It sure is nice to have to big, strong hands to knead the fondant!

Went to a Patriotic concert at the Carolina Hotel put on by a volunteer band in which my grandson, Alex plays the clarinet.  Always love that music.  Heard a new piece called “Song of the Unknown Soldier.”  Touched my heart.

  Then we had a cookout with daughter Jennifer, grandchildren Amber and Alex, friend Shelly and Brianna and Alyssa.  Wonderful food!

Here’s the cake.  BTW, I’ve only taken Cake Decorating 101 but watched videos online teaching how to make this cake.  It was located at and instructions are given by Karen Weisman.

(Click on a pic to enlarge.)


Royal icing fireworks; fondant flag, bunting, stars; buttercream icing.



Max and Craig are ready to celebrate.  I made the patriotic quilt behind them a number of years ago.


Alex playing clarinet at patriotic concert.


Amber and Alex




Jennifer, Alyssa, Alex, Amber, Brianna


Brianna and Amber


Thanks for stopping by for a visit.



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