Rip It Cake

First a word of explanation.  When I started visiting chat rooms for longarm quilters, I would see the expression “frogging.”  I had no idea what that was so one day I asked.  It’s picking out stitches or rip it, rip it, rip it.  If you say it fast it kinda sounds like ribbet.

So for Carol’s birthday which was on the meeting day of the Stand Up Stitchers, I decorated a cake (a delicious orange one which Jackie, our hostess, made) with a red-eyed tree frog, a flowering tree, and Rip…It.  Happy Birthday Carol.

I used leftover fondant for the frog, royal icing for the flowers and the rest is buttercream.

Ripit Cake

Ripit Cake2

Ripit Cake3

Thanks for stopping by for a bit of cake.



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