Problem Solved!!!!!

Actually I didn’t solve the communication problem between my computer and my camera, it just started working again.  Who cares.  At least I can go back to posting.

I made this cake for my step-daughter’s birthday.  She is a graduate and a HUGE fan of University of North Carolina.  So of course nothing but a UNC cake would do.

Jen's UNC Birthday Cake

 This quilt was quilted in December 2009 and was a Christmas present for a grandson, Andrew.  It is called Andrew’s Footsteps (there is footstep fabric in the background).  I believe the block is churndash.  It was very nicely pieced.  I used the simplicity pantograph.

Mary's Andrew's Footsteps

And a closeup.

Mary's Andrew's Footsteps

Now that I can post pictures again, I’ll have to get caught up.  However, I am having a problem with my computer screen going black.  Don’t how long I’ll have before I have to send this off to be repaired. 

Thanks for visiting.



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