Mini Quilt Show

My computer has been at my son’s house since it is diseased with “black screen.”    The diagnosis is complete, so I hope to get it back sometime soon.  I have searched an older computer for pictures that I haven’t previously posted.  I found a couple.  Hope you enjoy a mini (very mini) quilt show.

Betty's Baby Quilt with Hearts A Flutter Panto

Marcia's Double Four Patch (I think)

Susan's Stack and Slash

My husband and step-daughter helped me put together the next quilt.  It was a birthday present for a very special lady.  The larger rectangles were passed around to friends and even mailed off to New Mexico to get signatures of friends and family wishing Shelly a Happy Birthday.  Shelly loves New Mexico colors and black and white.  The pattern is Bento Box.   It’s quilted with a bright orange and green variagated thread. 

Shelly's Birthday Signature Quilt

Close Up

Thanks for stopping by.


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