New Life – Timeless and Spiritual

Yesterday I visited my parents grave.  While being there always brings tears to my eyes since I miss them, I also smiled.  For today we remember that the grave is not the end.  My God showed us that our life is not just in this world but also a spiritual and timeless life.  I am so grateful that I can stand there, rub my hand over my parent’s names (Steven and Mary Hallack) and know that they are in heaven rejoicing with Jesus.

 I placed daffodils at the grave.  They were my Mom’s favorite flowers because they are the first sign of spring.  My daffodils have come and gone but I put artificial ones at the grave.  They looked nice.

Incidentally, when I took the quiz about what kind of flower I was, it came up with Daffodil.  Ummmmmmmm.  That makes one pause in thought.

Thank you God for the sacrifice of your Son and His resurrection.  Hallelujah!



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