Close The Barnyard Gate!!!

Someone left the barnyard gate open and I was surrounded by 9 roosters!  Anne’s work on this applique Radical Rooster quilt is exceptional.  Each rooster has his own story or personality.  So each rooster has his own background fill that relates to him with curls in each to maintain continuity.  The roosters must have been running around the checkerboard border because there are rooster tracks!  The rising sun is in each setting triangle.

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5 thoughts on “Close The Barnyard Gate!!!

  1. I just love the way you quilted and assembled the Radical Rooster Quilt. Would you be willing to share your pattern for putting the roosters together? I am almost finished with my 9 roosters and would like to try the six-sided sashing around each chicken, but am unsure about dimensions etc…. Also, if you would quote me a price for the quilting of this quilt once I have it assembled, I would like to get you to quilt it for me, if within my budget. (I am working with a friend and she is also interested in the same thing.)
    Sue Warren

    • Sue, I didn’t make the quilt top -a customer made it. She did say she had a difficult time with the setting though.

      It’s been awhile but I would guess that the quilting was between $300-$400. There is a great deal of detail and heavy quilting. Each quilt has to be evaluated based on size and quilting design. If you are interested in talking to me when you finish, email me at

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