Dramatic Flower Quilt and An Afternoon’s Exercise

My friend and customer, Marian,  pieced this flower quilt, sort of log cabin style piecing.  I love the dramatic colors against the black background.  Quilting is McTavishing with a flower design in the flowers and feathers in the setting triangles and borders.  The borders are quilted with Rainbows thread.  Wonderful thread that has a sheen and gorgeous color.

After work comes play.  It was a beautiful day with temps in the upper 70’s, sunny with a light breeze.  So Craig and I decided to take the kayaks out on the lake.

These Hobbie Kayaks have peddles that move fins under the boat, much like a penguin swims.  It doesn’t take much effort to move right along.  Or if an upper body workout is what you want, you can paddle them.  The have all sorts of little places to put things like a fishing gear box, fishing rod, and stuff.  After I get out on the water, I find myself sighing in total relaxation.  Nothing can harsh my mellow.

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