Love – Just Love It

Spring that is.  There is so much activity around our house.  4 out of 5 birdhouses are very busy and the bush beneath my sewing room window houses a pair of Rufous Sided Towhees.  The humingbirds are busy feeding at the 4 feeders just for them.  My new daylilies are starting to bloom and I am picking a bit of vegetables from the garden.

We have trouble finding enough sun in the backyard to grow a vegetable garden, so I have a small raised garden and squeeze as much as possible into it.  Currently I have peas, radish, parsley, tomatoes, spinach, kale, leeks, chives, basil.  I’m hoping that when the weather gets very warm and the spinach, peas and kale are done, that I’ll be able to plant something else there.  Perhaps zuchini or cucumbers.

For those who may wonder what all the “brown stuff” is, in the Sandhills of North Carolina, pine straw (needles) are a common ground covering.  It cuts down on the amount of grass and therefore the water and work that is required.  I can’t stand to be totally without grass though, so we have a small patch out front and my DH is currently putting in a small patch just off the back deck.  Now if I can just keep HIM from using it!

This is Max (actually Maximillian Pilsner Pup) who delights us every day with his antics.  BUT he also drives me nuts when he carrys on like a fool when someone comes to the house.  More about that later.

This is the kale, romaine lettuce, radish, spinach, parsley and chives that I picked the other night for dinner.  Not alot but enough to make a wonderful tasting salad along with hearts of palm, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds from the pantry.  Don’t tell my DH but I sneaked some radish leaves into his salad.  Using everything is not a bad idea.  I don’t think he noticed!

Here’s two quilts that I recently finished for customers.  The keffee Faucett is Martha’s with a Wrought Iron Pantograph.  This is the back that shows the pantograph.

Here’s the front.  Aren’t those fabrics so lively?

Wanda is a new quilter.  Her applique is definitely not “new quilter” quality.  I think she has many beautiful quilts in her future.  Quilted freehand with feathers, stitch in the ditch and double piano keys using Sew Fine white thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Here’s the back.

Thanks for stopping by this morning.



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