Don’t Fence Me In said the Rufous Sided Towhee

A very good friend and customer, Joanne, made this wonderful quilt for a grandson.  I love it when a simple pattern makes up into such a nice quilt.  Of course, her fabric choices are what make it great.  The pattern is called Don’t Fence Me In.  Quilted using A&E Permacore thread, Hobbs 80/20 batting, and simplicity pantograph.

There’s  been 2 birds building a nest in the bush beneath my sewing room window.  They exit and enter quickly and I could only get a glimpse of them, until recently.  I finally got a good view to find out what kind of bird was providing me with entertainment.  They are Rufous Sided Towhees.  Glad to have them take up residence.  We’ve never seen these before.  Unfortunately Max (my minature schnauzer) keeps running over to the bush where they are nesting.  We put up a string barrier to keep him away but not before they abandoned the nest. 

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