Memorial Day Post After Memorial Day

The morning of Memorial Day, I was sitting on the back deck enjoying my cup of coffee and this scene started me thinking about the veterans and current military serving in Iraq and Afganistan.

My husband had lowered our flag to half mast.  The Easter Lilies are blooming.  The birds were making all kinds of beautiful racket.  I pray for those wives, moms and dads, children, siblings and fellow soliders whose hearts are broken in two.  And for those whose loss may have been a long time ago, the sharpness of the hurt may have lessened, but it’s still there.  Our miltary men and women are one of the things that are a part of my life for which I am “sewgrateful.”

Along that line, my husband is starting another Quilt of Valor.  He has cut out most of the fabric and will soon start sewing.  I’ll give you a peek now and then of what he is up to.  It is awesome.

A customer and friend, Judy, made this lovely, soft pastel quilt for a present for a friend of hers.  The soft colors make you want to snuggle up with this quilt. 

Used a new (to me) Anne Bright pantograph which I love.

The back

I’ve been so busy quilting quilt tops for my customers to enter into our Guild’s show coming up in September.  I haven’t had time to work on anything of my own.  But my “to do” closet is starting to thin out and soon I’ll be able to show you something of my own.

My granddaughter, Amber, had her 13th birthday back in January.  But her and 2 other friends wanted to all have their 13th party at the same time.  It’s this Saturday and Grandma is making the cake-a 3 tier in hot pink, black and white.  Haven’t done this for awhile so it’s been hard to remember everything.  Luckily this is just a 13th birthday party and not a wedding cake.  I will never, never, never do another wedding cake.  Far too stressful for me to handle.

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