The Lake Beckons With Circles

I feel a strong pull toward the lake today.  I must get out in my kayak and peddle around a bit.  Good exercise, but more importantly, it smooths the rough edges that sometimes exist after a day of quilting.  Recently DH and I watched a sailboat race on our little lake.  It is a bit like watching grass grow but it was a beautiful day and the sailboats were pretty on the lake.

Here’s another customer quilt.

Isn’t that cool!  I love the bright colors and the black that is sprinkled around the quilt.  Great job Marian.

Here’s a closeup.  Used Hobbs 80/20  batting with King Tut variegated and an Anne Bright pantograph called Blooming Feathers.

The back was a luscious blue/green.

Come to think of it, the sailboats were going around in circles!

Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “The Lake Beckons With Circles

  1. I would love to be on that water just relaxing!

    Love the quilt!! I quilted one in a very similar pattern a couple of years ago. It was actually an old quilt that someone had from their mothers estate. I did light duty custom on it because it did not lay flat in the least…It was hand pieced and there was lots of fullness. But it turned out really nice in the end. It was actually fun quilting it.

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