Creativity Awakened???? Angel Challenge

I’ve never considered myself to be creative.  I’m more the type that reads, studies, analyzes, learns from others and then reproduces.  Coming up with something totally on my own-well really don’t do that.  So when my guild had an Angel Challenge with virtually no instructions, I was lost.  It was really difficult to get started.  After brainstorming for months, I finally told myself to “just do it” and I started.  It changed somewhat as I went along, but it actually was alot of fun.  Alot of work, but worth it for the look on my Angel’s face and for what it taught me, i.e., even if you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, start.

Here’s the Angel Challenge.  Each participant filled out a long form that asked questions such as:  What is your vacation? favorite pet? favorite block? favorite type of fabric? favorite movie?, etc., etc. etc.  Then the guild took your picture and the picture and form were put in an envelope.  Each participant picked an envelope, not knowing who was inside.  Each participant made a quilt top using any method they wanted that reflected the likes (and dislikes) of her Angel.  The only requirement was that it be 18 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches.  The quilt top were revealed at a guild meeting and each participant will quilt their top and bring it back to the guild for Sew and Tell.

Here’s what I made for my Angel, Linda (funny how she has the same name as mine).  I printed her face  on fabric.  No matter how many times I resized it, couldn’t get it right.  Finally decided that a “bobble head” was better than a shrunken head.

Her favorite food is pizza so she has a pizza halo.  Favorite time of day – evening = 8:20 (pm) on the wall clock.

Favorite time of year – fall=tree with fall leaves outside window.

She makes curtains and window treatments = window and curtains

Favorite movie – Dirty Dancing = dvd playing on tv

Favorite song – Far Away = radio playing song

Favorite flower – Tulips = tulips in vase on bookcase

favorite fabric – country = stash of fabrics (I tacked down little tubes of fabric)

Favorite time of year – Christmas = Christmas presents

Least Favorite time – clean house = dust bunnies

Favorite book – Heidi = Heidi book

Favorite hobbies – quilting and scrapbooking = books on both

Favorite drink – Kahlua and cream = Kahlua bottle and drink glass

Favorite pet – dog = dog (I imagine he is getting ready to grab the quilt for himself)

Favorite vacation – Williamsburg, VA = suitcase with Williamsburg on it.  Of course she is going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival which is in nearby Hampton, VA

Favorite block – Schoolhouse = actual little quilt with schoolhouse block stamped on it, quilted and bound (pinned to quilt so it can be removed for quilting).

Favorite color – blue

I loosely used the pattern Quilt Diva by Amy Bradley for a jumping off point for my Angel (in a much smaller size).

Thanks for stopping by and sharing what I’ve been up to.


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