Custom Applique Quilt

This lovely quilt of Marilyn’s was a joy to quilt.  Her applique is so beautiful and I love that she lets me quilt what the quilt feels like having quilted on it.  If I plan too much on a project like this, the result isn’t as good.  This one shouted loudly what it wanted and I listened.  Quilting includes feathers, flower motifs, curls, my brand of McTavishing and piano keys.

The back.

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3 thoughts on “Custom Applique Quilt

  1. Oh my gosh!! Your precision is incredible. I haven’t been sewing the last few years. I miss the end results, like those in your pictures, but I don’t miss the blurry vision after a few hours sat with a needle and hoop. Do you sell your work? I always wanted to sell mine but didn’t have the connections. Anyway, it looks great, good job!

    • I do have a longarm quilting business so I “sell” my quilting. But I don’t even have time to make my own quilts nevertheless to make some for sale. Maybe someday soon that will be possible. If doing alot of hand sewing bothers your eyes, what about machine sewing? You can get alot more done in a shorter period of time. Also have you had your eyes checked? Maybe you need some glasses which are very fashionable these days. Try not to give up sewing. For me, it helps to smooth out the rough edges of life.

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