Where I’ve Been

Haven’t posted for awhile, so where have I been?  In my Gammill room, working on this.

This is Joanne’s Double Irish Chain quilt.  It measured 89 x 109 so that was many blue squares to quilt!

This is my quilting design which I’m calling the Joanne block.  It has flowers, hooked feathers, leaves, and curls and is stitched continuously.

The blue squares have line dancing, the burgundy squares have curls and flowers.

Since the border is the dark burgundy fabric, it was really difficult to get a picture that showed the quilting.  I quilted curling hooked feathers with occassional leaves.  The blue border has curls and leaves and the pink border has scallops.

It took many hours to quilt this one but it was well worth it.  My friend is pleased with the result and so am I.

Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. That is beautiful and a lot of quilting in all those tiny blocks! I did one of these and did a continuous leafy design in the center diagonals and have yet to finish it for the center designs. I started with one design but didn’t like it and took it off to frog. I still haven’t finished it. It is my quilt though so I won’t do it until I’m sure about the design.
    Yours is lovely

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