I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl

Yes, I’ve been a very bad girl-that is Better After Downtime.  Finally finished up all the customer quilts that were due for my Guild’s quilt show next weekend and then I just stopped.  Stopped pushing myself and just did whatever I felt like.  I’m not one to sit around and do nothing, but you could have seen the dust settling under my feet for the past month.

I did finish this project to be in the Boutique Sales as part of my Queen Bee contribution.  I was assigned a Valentine’s Day Tablerunner.

This was actually a wall quilt pattern that I changed slightly and just didn’t add the borders.  I added the triangles at the ends and presto, I have a tablerunner.

I’ve also been working on this.

This is a fusing project that I wanted to try to prepare for doing my own nature patterns.  This one is called Spring Storm.

Thanks for stopping by and there will be much more to come.


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