Sandhills Quilters Guild Quilt Show

It was a busy weekend.  My Guild had their Quilt Show with around 170 quilts and then another 10 misc items.  

I am very proud to announce that my husband, Craig, won a blue ribbon in his category, First Judged Quilt, for his Quilt of Valor, “Stars For A Hero.”

Let me tell you, this man worked his butt off on this quilt.  There are 40 stars which means 320 points and he didn’t cut off a single one.  He ripped out several seams multiple times because he was determined to “do it right.”  Then he quilted it on my Gammill using templates.  His attitude is that our soldiers deserve nothing but the best.  And he is right.

He is the first male to enter a quilt into our quilt show.  The ladies want him to join the Guild but I don’t think he’ll do that.  He’ll just keep on making quilts to thank those who pay the price for our freedom.

I like the saying “He’s the “man” in manly and the “gentle” in gentleman.  That describes my husband.

The rest of the pictures are of customers quilts.  The nice thing about my Guild (especially the ribbon maker, Bonnie) is that they give a ribbon for the quilters for all 2-party quilts.  Nice to be recognized.  I think I got 6 of Bonnie’s cute ribbons for customer’s quilts. 

Pat K

Pat A

Pat A again

Marilyn.  For Best Machine Quilting, it was down to this quilt and a wholecloth that a friend quilted.  My friend won which is great and well deserving.


Marian again.  (I thought this one should have gotten a ribbon.)

And again.

This quilt of Marian’s won Best use of Color.  Doesn’t it just shine?

Lorraine’s Queen Bee group quilt.

Joyce’s quilt for a granddaughter.  Soft and snuggly with Minkee on the back.

Joanne’s with my original design quilting.

Jo’s which my flip flop loving granddaughter, Amber, fell in love with.

Dodie (first time quilter)



No wonder I feel like I need a vacation!  And this is by no means the only quilts I’ve quilted.

In a couple of days, I’ll post some of my favorites that I didn’t quilt.  See you then.  Thanks for stopping by.



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