Collapsing Furniture

Where has the time gone since my last post.  Some of it has been furniture shopping.  Unfortunately, I bought 2 Jessica Charles chairs about 2 years ago after sitting in some that were so comfortable.  They weren’t cheap but not outrageous.  At six months old, they were starting to lose their “stuffing” and looked wrinkly.  Now at 2 years old, they are unbearably uncomfortable.  I have put lots of batting in the seat and back to try to beef them up, but these chairs  just keep collapsing.  My poor 6’4″ husband can hardly get out of them because they keep getting lower and lower to the ground.  All that money down the drain.

My son and dil bought Lazboy over a year ago, have 3 young children, and their couches are still looking good.  So I’ve been to 2 stores, picked out a couch and matching loveseat.  There is a furniture store in Carthage, NC called Mid-
State Furniture.  You can order what you find in other stores for a fraction of the price.  So my Lazboy couch will cost less than one of these awful chairs!  I’m waiting for hubby to pick out which recliner fits his height and back, then I will order.  Yahoo!  I can’t wait to get out of this uncomfortable chair.  I’ve got a bit of money saved, but need to get busy quilting to get the rest.

So here’s one of the quilts I recently finished, Vicki’s Cocktail quilt. This is such a fun quilt.  I did different backgrounds in each of the blocks.   Once again most of my pictures were blurry and I’ll take more today.

My grandson’s, Ethan, Evan and Collin were at the house this summer.  Just look at Ethan’s leg extension.

Evan and Beau were having sun running.

And Collin was interested in Beau in his crate.

I better get going.  Need to finish a customer’s quilt this morning and get another on my frame.  I’m also working on a very special Quilt of Valor.  More to come on that later.

Thanks for stopping by.



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