Pinecrest Marching Band-A Different Kind of Sewing

My grandson, Alex, is in the Pinecrest Marching Band.  His Mom saw that the band’s banner was not as good as it could be and there were no podium skirts for the stands the drum majors stand on.  So she asked her Dad to make them.  Of course, while my husband knows more about sewing than most men, this was not something that he had a clue about.  He thought a couple of hours of work and all 3 pieces, with tons of letters on them would be done.  I knew better than that, but didn’t realize the many, many, MANY, hours of work that would be needed.

Here’s the banner.

Craig made the frame out of pvc pipe and did as much sewing of those letters as I did!

Alex is the junior drum major.  We are so proud of him. (The one on your left.)

Poor guy has a broken finger from a freak accident in the band room.

Thanks for stopping by.



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