The Luna Moth Has Landed

Today I leave for Raleigh, NC to the NC Quilt Symposium.  I’ve never been a full time student for this 3 day quilt show and classes.  I have gone to the quilt show a couple of times, but this time,  I get to attend classes, eat, sleep, drink wine, and giggle with friends.  So love doing all of the above.

The Symposium asked quilters to volunteer to make an apron that will be auctioned off to raise money for their local food bank.  Always glad to help with such efforts.    I had to name it for the auction.  I tried to think of something that had to do with luna moths but the light bulb wasn’t coming on.  Finally I was saying “luna moth” out loud over and over and said lunar module.  So silly me used word play to name it.

The pattern is Apron Jazz by Barbara Brandeburg.  The only change I made was to make the bib portion into a little mini quilt before attaching the skirt.  I appliqued a luna moth and then did my version of McTavishing around it.  The apron skirt forms a “V” as does the bib.  I love the border on the skirt.  Fabrics are Amy Butler.


Did you notice my pretty flower garden in the background.  I’m definitely not a gardener, so I’m so enjoying how pretty it looks this year.

Thanks for stopping by this morning.



One thought on “The Luna Moth Has Landed

  1. Oh this is beautiful….. my sister passed in March and she was an extremely talented quilter. I was looking for a Luna Moth Necklace for myself and came upon your apron and post about it. Coincedence? Luna Moth now means and represents so much to my family now…..My sister passed in March… brothers and my parents had never seen a moth like this and a two weeks after my sister passed a luna moth crossed all of our paths (we all saw one)….we belive it was my sister letting us know she was OK. It started with my mom and dad …my mom rolled down her window while driving through town and one just flew in and flew right over to my dad’s left side and sat on his shoulder all the way home. My daughter (who was very close to my sister) even went to school one day and her teacher had brought one to class and gave a big presentation on them. What an amazing little miracle.

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