Other Than Quilting???

I was recently asked, “What do you do other than quilting.”  While I don’t spend 100% of my time quilting, I probably spend 75%.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else.  The other 25% is filled with housecleaning, family, exercise, golf, yard maintenance, cooking.  Between the quilts I want to make and the longarm business, there just isn’t much time left.

Recently I took 3 days to meet my brother in Asheville, NC.  He drove his rv to Lake Powathan campground and I joined him there.  We had a great time.  Ate at several interesting and healthy places, walked a lot up and down the hills of downtown Asheville, and talked and talked.  It was good to reconnect face to face rather than just talk over the phone.

I went to the Blue Spiral Fine Art and Craft Gallery to see the work of Elizabeth Barton.  Their website has pictures of what she has at the gallery. (http://bluespiral1.com/Master-HTML/artist/barton_elizab_10696/home.htm).  To me, she takes objects (such as houses) and turns them into a slightly abstract design but still retains enough of the original form to make them recognizable and then adds the “feel” of the piece.  I’ve been taking a class at Quilt University from her and though I haven’t made much progress towards my own quilt, it has opened my eyes to some different ways of looking at things.

I also saw the work of Olena Nebuchadnezzar.  Wow.  She is an artist who translates what she observes in nature to fabric.  Click on http://bluespiral1.com/Master-HTML/artist/nebuch_olena_14241/home.htm to see her work.  Amazing.  I think my brother got a greater appreciation for quilting as art as we stood there and looked at these works of art.

Here my brother and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a peanut butter cookie while taking a rest before continuing our exploring Asheville.

One night I cooked at the campsite.  I used a dutch oven which I had only used once before when my husband and I were rving.  I used way to many coals and the beans stuck to the oven.  It was good but the bottom was burned.  I was surprised how easily it cleaned up though.

A post isn’t complete without a picture of a quilt.  This is a heart quilt that was made by the quilting ladies in my church for the pastor’s wife because she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.



I used the Hearts-A-Flutter pantograph on this.  Craig and I made the blue and yellow block and we both quilted it.

Thanks for stopping by the visit.  See you soon.



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