Customer Quilts

Here’s 2 more customer quilts.  The first is Marian’s Shadow Box quilt with oriental fabrics.  I’m fascinated by the 3-D effect the black creates.  Love it.

Quilted with Along The Way pantograph.



The next quilt is Linda’s own design with William Morris fabrics.

Lush Leaves pantograph

Thanks for stopping by to visit.



3 thoughts on “Customer Quilts

  1. Love your William Morris quilt and especially the leaf quilting which adds to the fabric design. Am in the process of doing a small lap quilt with these fabrics and wondered if I might try your design with the fabrics I have left? Only thing is I’m not sure where to start and if I have enough fabric to even start it. I’m a quilting beginner so perhaps it’s too ambitious of me, what do you think?


    • Thanks Sue. The quilt was actually made by the owner of our LQS and I just quilted it. She adapted a pattern to meet her needs. There are many seams that come together in one place so it’s probably not for a beginner. There are a lot of free, beginner quilt patterns available on the internet. Look around. I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Keep on sewing as you’ll gain confidence and skill as you make quilts. Glad you are beginning this wonderful craft.

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