Some Lovely Customer Quilts

Time for another mini-show of my customer’s quilts.

Andrea’s cats.

Andrea used a purple fabric pen to color some areas of the cats purple to coordinate with the border.

Diana’s string quilt in vibrant black, white, and fuchsia.

Simplicity pantograph

Jeanne’s Blooming Nine Patch with Whirlygig pantograph.

Mary’s Tennessee Star (I think that’s the name.)  I would love to have this quilt on my bed.

Rosie pantograph.

Lovely border.

The back.

Lastly, Marilyn’s applique quilt with custom quilting-feathers, pebbles, morphing (my kind of McTavishing), and sid.

Glad you stopped by to see these quilts.

Thanksgiving is just 2 days away.  I pray that even if you have challenges  or heartache in your life that you can find at least 5 things/people/situations to be thankful for.

I am Sew Grateful.




3 thoughts on “Some Lovely Customer Quilts

    • Hi Robin, I used Superior Thread’s Sew Fine in a light blue. This thread is 50#(I think) and is thinner than what I usually use for pantographs. I choose the Sew Fine because I did not have a light blue in my A&E Permacore. In regards to thread color, remember that light thread looks better on dark fabric than dark thread on light fabric. I pick a color from the quilt or a neutral and lay some of the thread from the cone out on the top to audition them. Hope this helps you. Linda

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