Time To Return

I have definitely been missing around here. Christmas preparations just took over along with customer quilts and suddenly here we are at the middle of January. Since one of the family Christmas get togethers wasn’t until Jan 8th, I was still sewing gifts until then. Combine that with 2 laptop computers going down and I’m surprised I still have a mind to think at all. I can’t access any pictures I saved to disk since I don’t have a working laptop. This post is being done on the IPad. Si I do have a couple of pictures I took after everything went haywire.

This is a double size quilt which my husband and I made for a teenage grandson. The lighter gray areas have drawings he drew. They are lightly colored so they really don’t show in this picture. The pictures are of a ninja man, gun, monster, snake, soldiers, etc. the outside border is Army fabric. The pieced block is called “musket ball.”. Thought that was appropriate given the type of drawings. Not an exciting quilt to me but our Grandson was pleased.


Also made 2 of these totes for ladies in the family.


Hopefully I’ll make a decision about a laptop and be able to post more recent quilt pics.

Thanks for stopping by.



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