Friends, Food, and Quilts

I’m in Charleston, SC with my friends, Ellene and Joan, to see the local Guild’s quilt show. They have about the same number of quilts as we have at our show but they have a much larger venue. So nice to have plenty of room to walk around and not be crammed into the aisles to see the quilts.

Of course, while in Charleston, it would be a sin not to eat at some of their great restaurants. The Fried Buttermilk Oyster salad is wonderful at Cru Cafe. For lunch at Saffron I had a huge pile of shrimp and grits covered with gravy. But the most unusual dish was at The MacIntosh, bone marrow bread pudding. OMG. I have never had anything that tasted like that before. Superb.

We also took a cooking class at Maverick Cooking Store. The setup was comfortable and they had cameras so you could see the food cooking in the pan.


The chef showed us how to blacken flounder and make butternut squash pirlau. Yum. I’ve got to try this at home.


Dessert was chocolate chess pie. Now I have the courage to try real pie crust and press the dough into silicone baking cups for tarts.


You’ll notice the glass of wine went from full to almost gone!

Of course the beautiful city of Charleston is always a delight.



I’ve got this thing for ironworks. Don’t you see the quilting designs?

Thanks for stopping by.



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