A couple years ago, my husband was interested in the Quilts of Valor quilts I made to honor and thank wounded soldiers. But he wanted me to make more and make them faster. Since I couldn’t, he asked me to teach him how to quilt. He has made 4 QOV’s and just awarded the last one. My husband has heart.

This young man is Cody Stanton. He was recently wounded in Afghanistan and is the recipient of Craig’s QOV. Cody says he’s relying on his faith to see him through. Cody is showing courage, spirit, and strength. He certainly has heart.


We pray that as the many surgeries proceed, God would grant Cody the peace and love to know that he is not alone. You can follow Cody’s progress at the blog http://www.codystantonjourney.blogspot.com. His Mom has 3 other children and has had to leave her job to help Cody at Walter Reed. The blog also has a link to contribute to help with the expenses.

If you are a quilter, please consider making a QOV. Go to qovf.org for info on size, etc.

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