Custom Quilting on Customer Quilts

Though pantographs look great on 90% of the quilts that I quilt for customers, sometimes, the quilt says it needs special attention. The first one is Snow Days by Marilyn.  She is highly skilled in applique and embroidery.  Here is her Snow Days. (The smudged look in the upper right side isn’t the quilt-it is a smudge on my camera lens which I discovered after I saw this picture!)

I did a “landscape meander” in the embroidery, trying to add dimension to buildings, define some of the trees, etc., and add snow banks to the larger areas. Here’s a closeup of each side.

One of my favorite blocks was the bunny rabbit.

I also loved the school scene with the snowman, the flag, and the swings.

The pieced center and sides are quilted with meandering snowflakes.  Three different ones are connected with loops.  I discovered quilting snowflakes is not easy-looks easy but they’re not!


This modern churn dash quilt is Patsy’s.  She always has an eye for color and her quilts are so pleasing to look at.

Straight lines are combined with some funky swirls and ferns.

More customer quilt shows on another day.  Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Custom Quilting on Customer Quilts

  1. I like your quilting around the embroidery. The snowy landscape compliments nicely with all your customer’s stitches. I’ve also tried FMQ snowflakes and wished I’d used the pantograph instead. It’s the only panto I’ve purchased and it’s snowflakes. Next time ….
    The churn dash definitely has a modern flair. So does your quilting with both the straight diagonals and some ribbon-y swirls. : )

  2. Both quilts are great! I love the colors in Snow Days. when I hear snow, I think of blue and white. But these colors really capture the feeling of winter.

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