Patchwork Times Get It Done Challenge

I’m late to this party but had trouble deciding if I was going to make the effort to not. When our Guild did a similar challenge, it really felt good to get a couple of old projects out of my closet. So here I am.

You can read all about the challenge here

I’ve picked these 4 projects.

The first is a signature quilt from my stepdaughter’s wedding, 3 yrs ago!! In my defense, it took awhile for me to get the pieces from her, but I have had them in my closet for a long time too. So if I can get the center pieced and find and attach border fabric, I’ll be ecstatic. I already have a start. Now I need a finish!


Second is a QOV made by our local group which needs quilting and binding. This will be an easy finish.


Third is a drunkerd’s path with flange to be custom quilted. Of course because I haven’t been able to decide what to quilt, I haven’t finished it. I need to jump in and get started with something and to stop thinking about it.

drunkerds path

Lastly and most troublesome, is a queen size top that I either need to make king size or, perhaps finish it at its current size and give it to a granddaughter. The problem is, I like it but oddly, it is not me. I would like a spring looking quilt for my bed and this would satisfy that goal, but I’m not sure I want something this busy. But then, isn’t a bird in the hand worth 2 of my good intentions?? So my goal this month is simply to make a decision. Not my strong point. If I am going to keep it, I need to design the additional borders. That’s a goal for next month.


Any thoughts on my dilemma dear friends?

Thanks for stopping by.



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