Get It Done January Report

It’s time to check my goals for January.  Out of 4 goals I completed 2.  Frankly, without this challenge and a deadline of the end of the month, I wouldn’t have 2 items finished.  So I am very, very happy about this.

The Guild’s Quilt of Valor was quilted.  As a matter of fact, it was finished today.  Just in time for me to report that it was a completed goal!  (See how this challenge makes me get things done!)  I had to take pictures at night which is the very worse time to photograph quilts, but it had to be done.





Quilt is quilted with Patriot pantograph.

I also finished Ashley’s signature quilt.  It is the worse looking quilt I’ve ever made (Well, I guess I can remember one that was worse) but the point of it is the wishes written on the blocks from family and friends.  Hopefully, feather meander quilting will improve it a lot.


The Drunkerds Path quilt will be moved to February.  I will definitely quilt it.

The Wrenly Quilt-I asked my granddaughter to let me know if she would like it on her bed.  She hasn’t come over to see it yet.  I will definitely get her here and make a decision about this one.

Heart Wall Hanging-Finish applique, quilt, and bind.

Stepping Stone Blocks-Finish for Queen Bee QOV and piece Fourth of Judy tablerunner.

Thanks Judy for giving me this challenge.




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