Great T-Shirt Quilt

This is probably the best T-shirt quilt that I have quilted. The blocks of color are knit fabric from other parts of the t-shirts and everything is backed with a soft interfacing. Seams are pressed open so there’s no bulky intersections.

Batting is Hobbs 80/20. Pantograph is Simplicity and is absolutely perfect for this quilt.


Close up of one of the t-shirts which I really love. My previous married name was Biggs and of course, my 3 children have that name!


Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Great T-Shirt Quilt

  1. Hi! Love this quilt! My daughter will be graduating high school soon and I wanted to make something like this for her to take to college. Everything I’ve read about t-shirt quilts so far talks about using some sort of stabilizer on the knit fabrics to make it easier to handle. Was that done with this quilt? Using the other pieces of the t-shirt is a great idea 🙂

    • Use a lightweight non woven fusible interfacing. Roughly cut out the part of the tshirt you want to use, then iron on the fusible and cut out exactly the block you will use. That way you’re not trying to fuse interfacing to the block and make it fit exactly. If you don’t use interfacing, the knit will stretch and drive you crazy.

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