Pantograph Quilting

Pantographs are all over quilting patterns that are quilted by following a pattern with a laser light at the back of the Longarm machine. The quilting pattern starts on the left top edge of the quilt top and continues across to the right edge. Then the quilt is rolled up on the pick up roller to an unquilted section and the pattern is repeated. While it sounds easy, it takes time to get the hang of keeping that light on the drawn line. Smooth curves and long lines without wiggles are the hardest. But with practice and getting comfortable with the movement of your machine, you can create lovely texture on a quilt top. So, if you are a new longarm quilter here’s a few suggestions.

1. Relax your shoulders and breathe.
2. Hold the handle of the machine lightly. I stand on the left side and hold the left handle with both hands. Other quilters stand behind their machines.
3. Especially at first, keep your upper arms and elbows close to your sides. Use your entire body to follow the pattern.
4. Don’t tighten the quilt sandwich as tight as a drum.
5. Go into and out of points at a constant speed. Don’t take a long pause in a point.

This cute baby quilt was made by Jean. Popcorn pantograph.


Barbara’s bright and happy Tradewinds. Steamed Up Pantograph.



Last two pictures were taken at night. Sure makes a difference. I must remember to take pics during the day.

Thanks for stopping by.


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