Quilts At MidAtlantic Quilt Festival

My friends and I recently returned from the MidAtlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, VA. We spent one day at the show and that wasn’t enough time to see all the quilts and visit vendors. So quilt viewing came first and then I stopped in to see vendors that were particularly interesting to me.

I stopped twice at Longarm machine vendors because I may sell my Gammill. I need to stop taking up 2 bedrooms in the house and a smaller machine would help. But big decisions such as this are tough.

The pictures I take at quilt shows are ones that are of particular interest to me which means the quilting part of the process. I probably have pics of more non-winning quilt than winning ones. Here’s the first installment.



This next one is made from cheesecloth and thread. Awesome.









My camera battery died at this point so I switched to my phone. Have no idea if the quality is any good or if I can get them off the phone. If all is good, I’ll post more another time.

I must get working on the binding for a customer’s double wedding ring quilt. Been procrastinating.

Thanks for stopping by.



One thought on “Quilts At MidAtlantic Quilt Festival

  1. I want to follow you around a show! you took pictures of all the stuff I would have honed in on! I got to go to Road to CA in january. I walked around with a good friend, who is a quilter, but not a machine quilter. She didnt’ want to go as slow as I needed to to see the quilting! I just sold my Gammill and got a 22 in Innova with a digital stitch regulator. Not an easy decision, but I made it FAST! I worried about 2 long arms in my house at once. Gammill sold in 3 weeks..and I had a GAP! It had to have been a God thing…it was too easy to be me! New machine delivered Friday..and now I play. AHHH! I was almost in quilting withdrawals!

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