Family Heirlooms and Bright Stars

One of my blessings is that customers bring all sorts of quilt tops for me to quilt. The blocks in the first one were done by different family members. Most are embroidered, but one is totally painted. Apparently the family member wasn’t familiar with needle and thread. Others have both embroidery and paint. It’s interesting to see how different people complete the same block. The batting is Quilters Dream Wool which gives this quilt a lovely pouff.

By Barbara





This person added their own touch the the grass.


I’ve showed this double wedding ring before. Now it is bound. Made by my customer’s aunt.




Joann’s star quilt is so lovely. Lush Leaves pantograph.



Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Family Heirlooms and Bright Stars

  1. Wow! You did such wonderful work on these. I especially like the DWR. You really made it shine. I know your customers will be thrilled when they get them!!!

  2. That embroidered quilt is a treasure, you did such a great job to enhance that quilt. But the double wedding ring is stunning. I think I stared at it for 5 minutes. That is one of my favorite patterns and the quilting just pushed it over the top. Wonderful

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