Quilts of Love

Last evening I visited Honey in one of our local rehab facilities to deliver this lap quilt to her. Our Guild makes blocks, turns them into quilts, and gives them to members who are in the hospital or if a loved one passes on. It’s our way of wrapping them in hugs and well wishes. We call them Quilts of Love.

All the blocks from this particular one were made by Dode who received a “Heart Quilt.” She wanted to pay it forwarded. It was her way of thanking the Guild for their kindness.

The pantograph used for quilting is Popcorn.


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3 thoughts on “Quilts of Love

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  2. This pattern would be absolutely perfect for the quilts I make for the elderly. Can you tell me where I can find the pattern. Is there an address where I can purchase the pattern.

    Thanks for the help/

    Pat B.

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