Drunkard’s Path Experiment

This quilt was from a class taught by a Guild member. I was interested in learning how to put a flange in a drunkards path block and Mary did a great job of teaching us how to do that. Through the process, I kept thinking I ought to make a plastic template instead of using the file folder template. Every time I used the paper template, the curve changed. But I didn’t stop and take the time to make a new one. The result is an interesting quilt with poor piecing. Lesson learned!!!


I decided to use this “canvas” to experiment with design and thread. I am really afraid of not matching my thread color to the fabric color. I used a motif from 4000 Flower & Plant Motifs by Graham Leslie McCallum. Since these are not continuous line designs, I had to modify the design and still, there are several stops and starts.


I love the flower. The thread is Rainbows variegated with Sew Fine in the bobbin. I used Saral transfer paper to get the design on the quilt.

I need a customer quilt finished by Tuesday, so mine comes off the machine for now.

Thanks for stopping by.



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