Custom Quilting

I have 2 customer quilts to show. One is done in batiks and I used the pantograph Feelin Groovy. Why is it in a post titled “Custom Quilting” you say? Because it is every bit as beautiful as the custom quilted quilt. See for yourself.

Pieced by Marilyn. Quilters Dream wool batting (which quilts like a dream).




The custom quilt in pink and brown has log cabin blocks and some other block along with an appliqué center. I greatly prefer custom quilting for appliqué but the pieced blocks would be great with or without it. So a compromise is to do a freehand overall on the pieced area (meandering hooked feathers in this case) and McTavishing around the appliqué after stitching in the ditch around The applique. The skinny border was SID and the larger border was quilted with hooked feather vine.

Pieced by Lynette. Hobbs 80/20 batting.





Two more lovely quilts on their way back to their owners.

Thanks for stopping by.


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