Gammill Classic Plus For Sale-SOLD

This has been a tough decision but I have decided to sell my Gammill. My husband and I anticipate moving to a smaller space and I don’t want to have to deal with everything all at once. So as of today, my Gammill is for sale.

Gammill Classic Plus purchased brand new from dealer in 2006. Comes with all the standard features including Stitch Regulator, Vertical and Horizontal Channel Lock, Attached Bobbin Winder, Variable Speed Control, Laser Light, Double Capacity ‘M’ Style Bobbin, 26” x 10” Throat size, Two Station Needle Positioner with Single Stitch, Low Bobbin Alert, Thread Break Alert, Sit or Stand Adjustment, 12 foot table with batting bar, extended base, clamps, 2 plexiglass plates, Workstation with circles/ovals and service manual.

Also includes (which I purchased extra) Edgerider Wheels, squares/lines disk and flower shapes disk for Workstation, casters, extra bobbin case, zippered leaders. My husband made 2 sets of micro handles (ball type and handlebar type) and installed a bar for the cords to slide easily.

To be sure the machine is in pristine condition for the next owner, I had the local Gammill dealer go over it thoroughly. His service report is 2 pages long. He checked out absolutely everything.

If desired, I will instruct the buyer on how to load a quilt, operation of the machine and helpful hints for success at my home before the machine is disassembled. Also included will be thread, pantographs, and extra bobbins to help new longarmers get started.

I am located in central North Carolina. Price is $10,850.

Contact Linda at or 910-690-4078










Contact me if you’re interested.
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