May Get It Done Challenge

Thankfully, my end of April report is better than March’s. I still didn’t get everything finished but progress means moving forward and I am moving in the right direction.

Here’s April’s goals:
April Get It Done List
1. Drunkerd’s Path. Close enough to call it quilted
2. Wrenly Quilt – Quilt it. Bought backin fabric at Paducah this past week
3. Wm Morris #1 – Create 9 appliqués. still deciding on setting
4. Snow Quilt – Complete half of second panel embroidery. completed

The Drunkerd’s Path is still on the machine because there is a bit more to do. Good thing this was an experiment. Some things work and some don’t. It is much too busy for my tastes but I love the Rainbows thread on the black and the center flower.





I’ll show pictures of the snow embroidery when the panel is finished.

May Goals
1. 1/2 of remaining snow embroidery
2. Wrenly Quilt-quilt it
3. Quilt Queen Bee QOV
4. Finish assembling Quilt of Love
5. MAKE A DECISION on Wm Morris #1 setting and get appliqués done.
6. Birds on Birdbath top made.

Thanks for stopping by.

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