First Art Quilt?

What is an art quilt? Is it simply an abstract or pictorial quilt which is not made from a pattern? I really don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t call me an artist. I don’t know the first thing about “art.” I did take a couple of classes involving paint and fabric and learned a bit about light and shadows. But that doesn’t make me an “artist.” So if you know the answer, leave me a comment.

In the meantime, I am going to call this an art quilt. It is tempting to work on this and only post if I am happy with the results, but I’ve been sharing the “not so good” right along with the “good” in my quilting development.

While eating lunch last week, the goldfinches, cardinal, and a bluebird were enjoying the birdbath. I loved the color, the jostling for position, and the way the cardinal and bluebird just stood in the water and dunked their heads and wings. I grabbed my camera, taking 30 or so pics. Now I’m using those pics to make an art quilt.

I decided to start with the birdbath which was sitting slightly off kilter. I printed a pic of the birdbath, then copied it onto a transparency. Using an old portable overhead projector, I enlarged the image on my wall. Then I taped paper up and drew the outline of the birdbath.




I had also used my photo processing program to change the photo using the “contours” artistic effect. That really showed the temperature of the colors and the placement. I used that transparency to help me draw in the areas where the light made changes in the color.


Next I picked out fabrics. Using my drawing, I traced the pieces needed on fusible web. Fused them to the back of the fabrics, cut them out and assembled them on a Teflon sheet. Here’s the result on my design wall. There will be highlights and shadows added with either paint and/or thread later.


Next post will hopefully be the birds.
Thanks for stopping by.



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