July Get It Done Challenge

What did I accomplish in June? A lot. But not much on my list.

June Goals
1. 1/4 of remaining snow embroidery (didn’t touch it
2. Wrenly Quilt-quilt it (realistically fat chance) (didn’t touch it)
4. Finish assembling Quilt of Love (assembled, quilted and partially bound)
5. MAKE A DECISION on Wm Morris #1 setting and get appliqués done. (appliqués ready for stitching)
6. Birds on Birdbath top made. (didn’t touch it)

2 out of 5 is my normal. But let’s take the Wrenly quilt off the list since it obviously isn’t a high priority.

July Goals
1. 1/4 of remaining snow embroidery.
2. Stitch Wm Morris appliqués.
3. Make birds for birdbath.
4. Assemble redwork heart quilt.

My new longarm arrives this month and my husband and I are setting it up ourselves. So that will take up a good bit of our time.

Heart Quilt


Hearts A Flutter Pantograph


Thanks for stopping by and keep on quilting.



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