August Get It Done Challenge

July Goals were:
1. 1/4 of remaining snow embroidery. Didn’t get that much done
2. Stitch Wm Morris appliqués. made good progress
3. Make birds for birdbath. only one bird flew to the birdbath
4. Assemble redwork heart quilt. assembled, quilted, bound and delivered to quilter in hospital

August Goals
1. Assemble Quilt of Love Hugs and Kisses Quilt
2. Get more of snow embroidery done
3. Finish stitching on Wm Morris appliqués
4. Finish sewing blocks for Scraps and White project
5. Make more birds

I only have one picture to show today. The Heart Embroidery quilt is for the Guild’s Quilts of Love program where we give a quilt to members who have had a death in the family or have been hospitalized. This program has really kept me busy this year. Guild members did the Redwork and then I gave the embroideries out to other members to sew them into quilt blocks. I assembled, sashed, quilted, and bound the quilt. It went to a long standing member while in the hospital.

Quilted with McTavishing around the heart, line dancing, hearts in sashing, and ribbon border. Quilters Dream wool batting







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